​​​​​Jose Soto 

​Don't Think
- Just Feel <3


​Movement Artist

"I am my heart. Know that, and you know everything..."

- Jose Soto

Jose Soto started dancing at the age of 17 at Maryvale High School, purely as a way to escape. Little did he know that dance would become an escape unlike anything he ever imagined.

"As a kid i always loved to move and dance freely but I started in high school because I didn't want to take Physical Education," Soto explains with a laugh. "But than I grew an interested in it on how it made my heart really exciting to put movement into music

Recognizing the freedom and jubilation that comes at the hands of such connected and authentic expression, Jose began teaching weekly classes at studios throughout the valley in hopes of helping students of all ages and levels tap into their passion for dance while providing classroom environments that give students a vulnerable space to express themselves and explore their movement vocabularies.  Jose has been teaching master classes and providing award-winning choreography throughout the country for years, and finds joy in traveling and meeting new communities of dancers to inspire him in his journey.

Jose created DYBOS (Dance Your Butt Sunday) - an open class for the dance community that has grown to be one of the most sought-after open classes by both amateurs and professionals alike for its encouragement of community and its constant focus on uplifting and uniting dancers. Jose is also a faculty member with One Rhythm Dance Convention and currently travels the country doing choreography and teaching master classes for studios in several states.

His studio training began under Miss Elizabeth Roper in ballet, and has since continued to include a roster of both Arizona's finest and some of the country's most prominent professionals (he was even a Pulse Protege at the age of 20). Determined to share his passion, Jose pursued performance opportunities and has danced professionally with Center Dance Ensemble, EPIK Dance Company, WNBA Mercury Hip Hop Squad, Scandalesque Production, Phoenix Contemporary Dance Company and Scorpius Dance Theatre.